Tips & Tricks for Making the Best Stir-Fry

Calling all stir-fry aficionados! Are you ready to take your stir-fries to the next level? Then look no further. Tiba Tempeh is the secret ingredient packed with protein and bursting with flavour that will rock your wok!  In this blog post, we’ll reveal some sizzling tips and tricks to help you create the tastiest stir-fries using Tiba Tempeh.

This photo depicts a delicious spread of several bowls of stir fried noodles featuring Tiba Tempeh's soy-marinated tempeh pieces placed upon a dark blue wood tabletop. There is a plant poking into the shot in the top right hand corner, and a small bowl of crushed peanuts in the centre. The larger bowls of the stir fry themselves contain a colourful assortment of veggies including carrots, mange tout and baby corn.

  1. Elevate with Marination: Tempeh is known for its unique nutty flavour, but marinating it can take its taste to a whole new level. Before stir-frying, create a marinade using a combination of soy sauce, peanut butter, sriracha sauce, lime, ginger, garlic, and a hint of sweetness with a touch of maple syrup or honey. Allow the tempeh to soak in the marinade for at least 15 minutes, or overnight for even more flavour.
  2. Tempeh Prep Excellence: To ensure your tempeh steals the spotlight in your stir-fry, we recommend giving it a quick pan-fry before adding it to the wok. Heat a pan with a touch of oil over medium heat, then cook the tempeh until golden brown and crispy on both sides. This extra step adds a delightful texture and elevates the overall stir-fry experience.
  3. The Perfect Stir-Fry Sauce: A well-balanced stir-fry sauce can make all the difference in your dish. Create a sauce by combining soy sauce, tahini, a dash of rice vinegar, and a touch of sweetness with maple syrup or honey. For added depth of flavour, include minced garlic, grated ginger, and a pinch of red pepper flakes. Whisk these ingredients together until well combined. When stir-frying with Tiba Tempeh, the sauce will help coat the tempeh and other ingredients, enhancing their flavours.
  4. High Heat and Quick Cooking: Stir-frying is all about speed and heat. Heat your wok or pan over high heat until it’s hot before adding oil. Quickly stir-fry your marinated tempeh, followed by your choice of vegetables and noodles or rice. Remember to cook in small batches to maintain the high heat required for the best results. Overcrowding the pan can lead to steaming rather than stir-frying, resulting in a soggy stir-fry.
  5. Tempeh’s Grand Finale: Tiba Tempeh is a protein-packed superfood that requires less cooking. To ensure that it retains its texture, add it towards the end of the stir-frying process. This way, the tempeh will warm up and absorb the flavours of the sauce and other ingredients without losing its unique texture.

Tempeh Sweet Chilli Stir Fry: The image displays a bowl of rice with a stir fry of veg and tempeh atop, including baby corn, red pepper, mangetout and sweet chilli marinated Tiba Tempeh pieces. The bowl is set on top of a dark blue background and has chopsticks and the tempeh packaging posed next to either side.

With Tiba Tempeh and these tips and tricks, you can take your stir-fry game to new heights. From marinating for flavour to proper tempeh prep and a well-balanced stir-fry sauce, each step adds depth and complexity to your dish. Remember to cook with high heat, add tempeh last, and enjoy a delicious and satisfying stir-fry experience.

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Let’s get cooking!

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