Our Mission

At Tiba, we believe that what we choose to eat can change our lives. To live to the full, we need to eat positively, simply and consciously, but that doesn’t have to mean boringly.

So make it tasty, make it naturally healthy, make it good for the planet. Energise with the power of plants, and meals that are full of flavour, full of nutrition and leave you feeling full of life.

We call it That Tiba Feeling. Grab some now.

Our Story

At a beautiful beachside restaurant on the Gili Islands in Indonesia, we were served a local tempeh dish.

It was epic. We were blown away.

After a quick search on the web, we found out that tempeh is packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. All this from just three natural ingredients – soybeans, water and a simple culture – that create delicious food that’s packed with protein and flavour, and leaves you feeling light and energised.

It was clear to us right away: we needed to find a way to bring this incredible superfood to the people back home.

So we headed over to Java – where tempeh was invented centuries ago – to work under a world-renowned tempeh master. We watched. We cooked. We learned. And now we make our own.

We called it Tiba [tee-bah], meaning ‘arrive’ in Indonesian. Now tempeh has arrived, and so has that Tiba feeling.

Our Planet

That Tiba feeling isn’t just good for you, it’s also good for the planet. We believe that what we eat can be natural, tasty, and also kind to the environment and our precious resources. Here’s how we’re helping to make a difference.

We are a certified B Corp, which means that we meet high standards of social and environmental impact.

All our products are 100% plant-based and have a very low carbon footprint verified by My Emissions.

Our products contain 100% natural ingredients and are organic, with no pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

We only ever use sustainably certified, non-GMO soybeans from reputable growers and never source where deforestation is an issue.

Our products
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