Our Story

It all started with a trip to Indonesia…

At a beautiful beachside restaurant on the Gili Islands, we were served a local dish called sambal goreng tempeh, which roughly translates as ‘crispy fried tempeh in a spicy sauce’. It was epic. We were blown away.

After a quick search on the web, we found out that tempeh is packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. All this from just three natural ingredients – soybeans, water and a simple live culture.

It was clear to us right away: we needed to find a way to bring this incredible superfood to the people back home.

So we headed over to Java – where tempeh was invented centuries ago – to work under a world-renowned tempeh master. We watched. We cooked. We learned. And now we make our own.

Tiba [tee-bah] means ‘arrive’ in Indonesian. Now tempeh really has.

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