Hi folks and welcome to the Tiba Tempeh blog! This is the first post in what we hope will be many (queue the confetti cannon).

Tiba Tempeh started after a life-changing journey to Indonesia, where our founders, Alex and Ross tried tempeh for the first time. They were instantly sold, and after a quick search of the internet to learn more about exactly what had just blown them away, were determined to get this superfood back home.

So, to answer the question that might be popping up in some of your minds, what IS tempeh? The ancient Indonesian food consists of just three natural ingredients: soybeans, water and live culture. To make it into the food we know and love We simply mix them together and let everything ferment and firm up over three days, ready for slicing and dicing. Pretty simple right?

But why tempeh? Not only is it super high in protein, but it’s also full of natural vitamins, minerals and teaming with probiotics. We believe every meal is an excuse for joy and pleasure, tempeh isn’t just a meat alternative, it’s a delicious and satisfying superfood that has a mountain of benefits too. Win-win really.

Now, a bit of serious chat. It might sound a bit dramatic, but we really believe that what we eat can change the world. As humans, the foods that we consume have a direct effect on the planet, we’d like to make this the most positive impression it can be. Think of it as treating the Earth in the same way you would your house or favourite local park. By consuming more plant-based products, such as tempeh, we’re doing our bit to create a healthier world; and that’s our mission. Wasn’t as serious as you thought was it?

There are so many ways to enjoy tempeh, whether you’re a meat-eater, veggie or vegan think; wraps, buddha bowls, burgers, ramen, stir-fries all with a nutty, meaty texture. So, if you haven’t already, go check out our delicious range of already sliced and diced, marinated, spiced and seasoned tempeh.

Whilst many of us are relishing in the festive period and all the indulgence that it brings (we love a treat too), we’re counting down to Veganuary… We’ll be back then with tempeh recipes, how-tos and discussions on all things plant-based.

Until then, let’s grab life by the plants!

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