It’s 2021, 2020 is *finally* behind us and you want to celebrate the new year with Veganuary? Great! (It’s much easier than you think). Here at Tiba Tempeh, we’re excited to commemorate the plant-based month, so why not check out our Instagram for mouth-watering giveaways and recipe ideas. 

Now for the nitty, sort of, gritty. In recent years eating plant-based foods has been widely accepted and celebrated, not to mention more accessible. Healthy alternatives, such as our beloved tempeh, have become a popular staple for many vegans, vegetarians and even meat-eaters. For example, grab some Soy-Marinated Pieces for when you want to bulk up a veggie stir fry or a handful of Sweet Chilli Pieces. Just throw the tempeh warm or cold into a wrap when you want to pack a punch at lunch. 

Now, vegans haven’t always had a smooth ride, there’s bound to be a few plant-based assumptions floating around out there, but fear not, we’re going to set them straight. Unlike what some people may think, turning to a plant-based diet is by no means a restrictive way of eating. You’ve most likely been consuming vegan snacks and treats without even realising. Hummus, falafels, chips, Oreos and baked beans are to name a few. 

Veganuary hopes to make plant-based foods more accessible and encourages people to encompass them into their daily diet. Since the not-for-profit organisation began in 2014 over 1,000,000 people have signed up to the month of no meat (or eggs, or dairy). Out of those taking place in 2020, 98% of participants said they would recommend their experience to a friend, sounds pretty fun right? So as this year’s month of vegan eating gets underway, sceptics might still be wondering – why should I go vegan? (Or even reduce my intake).

Surveys conducted show that participants’ main purpose for trying a vegan diet is for health reasons, a principle we hold at the core of everything we do at Tiba. By creating tasty protein-filled meat alternatives, we encourage people to make easy switches. This, in turn, aids in reducing animal consumption. And, it helps those seeking to limit their meat intake that little bit easier. For example, switching your weekly beef burger for a Smokey BBQ Tempeh Burger has huge health benefits, such as fuelling yourself with protein and vitamins. In fact, our tempeh burgers contain a whopping 22g of protein per patty, more than most beef burgers! 

Switching to a plant-based diet, or just reducing your intake has a positive effect on the planet. And of course, on the animals themselves. Data provided by Dr Helen Harwatt from Harvard University’s Animal Law and Policy Program informs us that the one million participants of Veganuary saved 6.2 million litres of water, and 103,840 tonnes of O2 EQ – that’s equivalent to driving around the world almost 15,000 times! Not to mention the 3.4 million animal lives that are spared. To quote a well-known supermarket brand, every little helps. And it does! 

We believe Veganuary is a great way to make a tiny step in an exciting and worthy direction. By signing up and joining the New Year’s revolution you’ll receive a free e-cookbook, the Official Veganuary Starter Kit as well as daily recipes, nutrition, meal plans, tips on eating out (there’s always Deliveroo!) and ongoing support through a 31-day email series during their pledge month. Don’t worry, we’ll support you too, through our range of tasty, healthy tempeh. It’s the superfood that keeps on giving, through Veganuary and beyond.

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